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  1. queque
    10.11.2019 13:03
    Good Morning.

    A few days ago I suffered a computer disaster and I lost all my downloads, which "logically" I had not saved.

    I've searched for your excellent ships, but I think I'm missing one.

    I have the following:

    Brooklyn (07-01-2018)
    Cruiser_type_Bogatyr (25-07-2018)
    Krasnyi_Kavkaz1942 (07-01-2018)
    Liberty cargo ship (26-02-2019)
    Ranger (01-09-2019)

    I think I'm missing a WWI version of the Krasnyi_Kavkaz and I don't know if any more is missing.

    I would be grateful if you could provide the links for download.

    Un saludo.

    PD: I use a translator.
  2. tvister
    15.09.2019 15:03
    Конечно Вы можете использовать любые мои модели и части моделей.
  3. queque
    15.09.2019 14:03
    Я хотел бы попросить вашего разрешения использовать некоторые элементы ваших лодок в моде, который я делаю.

    I would like to ask for your authorization to use some elements of your ships in a mod that I am doing.

    Un saludo.

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