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  1. Mission_bug
    21.04.2020 13:18
    Hello Ivan, sad to know you were banned, your report was aired on BBC1 news, however, our government agrees with WHO. Cannot get masks anyway where I am so we go without and try to stay clear of anyone with a cough or sneeze.

    Take care and be safe my friend.

    Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
  2. Toobone
    31.08.2019 16:59
    [quote author=vonofterdingen link=topic=96.msg4080#msg4080 date=1567192534]
    Welcome, Toobone. Good to see you and Mixx here. It is always good to here from Aviaskins. Please tell Uzin I said hello.
  3. Mission_bug
    25.04.2019 15:32
    Hello Ivan, please give this a test in your game.


    Let me know what you think.

    Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
  4. Mission_bug
    24.04.2019 14:16
    Hello Ivan, I tried to contact you some time ago using various methods but got no reply, not sure if any of them got to you, did you receive any of those messages?

    I need to know what worked, if any, so I can post the cathedral and anything else to you.

    The cathedral is now complete, I managed to fix the problem areas and all lods work.

    You can use whatever I send if you are happy to include it in your work.

    Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
  5. Mission_bug
    12.04.2019 20:02
    Hello Ivan, sorry to know you got banned.

    The whole thing has gone a bit crazy but TD should not break files like they have, spoils the game for all, no need.

    It is a great shame because the work Sita did on the MBR is fantastic that should have been what we all talked about.

    Anyway, it is what it is.

    I will continue to work on the cathedral and other things for the project when I can, however, my health is in a bad way at this time and the physiotherapy for my shoulder has put me in more pain the last few weeks so it is difficult to do much on the PC.

    My mother is also close to death, she was released home to die so I have to remain available to relieve my Nephew and his girl friend who are her carers at the moment, it is a strain for all.

    I had to map again one of the cathedral buildings but now I can proceed with the textures, once I have the object in game I will send you a link.

    Take care.

    Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
  6. Mission_bug
    12.04.2019 14:34
    Hello Ivan, Mstislav sent me a PM today, I was unaware you had been banned, what did you do?

    I have tried your mail address without success, I am a member at AviaSkins so you can just post here.

    Take care.

    Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
  7. Vasya
    08.07.2017 17:11
    Прикрепил новую ФМ Юнкерса в посте: - http://forum.aviaskins.com/showpost....&postcount=767 -.
  8. Molva
    09.08.2013 23:46
    Я пока "безлошадный". Компьютер приказал долго жить. Потому по поводу моделей ничем помочь не могу.
  9. Uzin
    26.07.2013 20:51
    Не то штобы не устраивал вид, а мне просто не удается достать ангар в Ил совсем, и в том черном виде. Может, перешлете еще раз, плз ?
  10. Molva
    26.07.2013 19:02
    А почему не устраивает этот вариант? Если надо другой внешний вид, то необходимы чертежи/схемы/фото и размеры по которым можно будет нарисовать 3Д. То есть нужны виды с пяти сторон.

    Скачал сегодня, установил в Ил...

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