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По умолчанию Any A.I. Flyables Pack for 4.13.4 ?

Hello Everyone,

This is my first post in this Forum and i first Want to thank everyone working to maintain and improve our much Loved Video game.

i am looking for an A.I. Flyables mod pack for Version 4.13.4. similarly to what is on SAS for Version 4.12.2.

i looked for it over all IL2 Sites i know including Free modding, SAS1946, Mission4Today, But with no avail.

i found one for 4.14.1 Here:


which doesn't work for 4.13.4 unfortunately.

also looks like there has been one at M4T some years ago which now is not available, to be found Here:



do you have any clue of that package?

or do you know of existence of a similar package anywhere on the web?
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