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I have it working now with carsmaster 2017 .dll. Also ton414 from http://patrulla-azul.com/FreeIL2modding/forum/ made 24bit classes for 4096 bmp in v4.13 which works in v4.14.1.

I found out really quick it's best to use TD's 256kb il2fb.exe in conjunction with FM 4.14.1 mod activator with a lot of graphical mods (like my FXEvolution for v4.14.1), and carsmaster hd dll's with ton414 24-bit mod. Especially with big maps like Western Front & Can_Channel. 512kb graphical anomalies (not all maps), 1024 gets the russian paratrooper error(not all maps). There's a few things that 4.14 doesn't like that previous versions couldn't care less about. This whole game needs to be brought up to at least DX9 standards (although some aspects of dx9 have been utilized in water reflections) Just my .02$.
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