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По умолчанию US WW2 Air-Ground Ordnance Pack

US WW2 Air-Ground Ordnance Pack - Bombs, Rockets, Pyrotechnics and ... Smoke Dispensers. Ready to DL (гpdated 29/07/2016)
Bombs and other ordnance have always been a weak point in Il2, with a very limited range available and quite often a low historical accuracy. So, here's the (almost) exhaustive US WW2 Air-Ground ordnance Pack: Army and Navy Bombs, Frag and Incendiary Clusters, Daisy Cutters, Pyrotechnics and, though not really an air ground piece of ordnance, Smoke dispensers.
New Fuzes too barometric (aneroid), hydrostatic (depth) and proximity (VT), with an updated arming GUI.

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