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Однако, овес нынче дорог.
СтОит-ли этих денег?
Спасибо, понял.
зы:Человеку свойственно ошибаться. Даже Прин и Ко не избежали сей участи..

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Однако, овес нынче дорог.
СтОит-ли этих денег?
Спасибо, понял.
зы:Человеку свойственно ошибаться. Даже Прин и Ко не избежали сей участи..
Не ошибается тот кто ни чего не делает
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СтОит-ли этих денег?
Х.з. я не знаю ваших предпочтений и чего вы от неё ждёте

Over the past tenyears 1 have written various books whose text andphoto sections required extensive and time-consuming research. Av a result, many of our Publishing Company’s pro- jects remained unfinished, while others languished. For our new book, therefore, I searcbed our archive for a subject about which a great deal of material was already available and with whose contents I was already familiär.
Afler searchingfor some time I came upon the color slides of a war correspondent which I had been able to buy about tenyears ago. The photos suggest that the photo reporterjoined I. Q)/LG 2 on the English Channel in January-February 1941, when the Jagdgruppe was still engaged in operations against England. In late March - early April the Gruppe, and with it the war correspondent, moved to the Balkans. He subsequently took part in the unit’s operational activities there. When the fighting in the Balkans ended, this unidentified photographer accompanied I. (f)/LG 2 to Rumania and was present during operations against the Soviet Union and the defense of the Rumanian oilfields until approximately September 1941. Then in 1942 the war correspondent was attached to the Stab ofJG 77 in the Crimea, where he took the uniquephotos of Major Gollob, the unit’s Kommodore. The series ofphotographs subsequently ends.
The 62 surviving color slides, the majority of which are published here, undoubtedly represent no more than the remnants ofwhat was once an extensive series. The large gaps between the surviving slides clearly confirm this. For this reason 1 had always postponed using the slides, because I was not sure how I should use the Photographie material. I have now decided to use the photographer’s unique color images and some of bis black-and-white photos to form the basis of a Gruppe history, in which this time the photographs and not the textual description stand in the foreground. To describe the history of the Gruppe it was necessary to Supplement the color photos with numerous black-and-white images. This I was able to do by using pre- viously unpublishedphotos from former members of I. (J)/LG 2 made available to me by other archives and Luftwaffe historians. In addition, I was able to make use of sources unavailable to writersofprevioushistoriesofthisunit. In many cases, therefore, the textual representation of the Gruppe’s history surpasses or deviates from what has been published before. The title With His Camera at the Front is intended to honor the unknown war correspondent, but it only partly covers the contents of the book.
I. (J)/LG 2 was a special Gruppe in many respects. Many of its pilots were members of the Luftwaffe s aerobatics Staffel until just before the war. As well, between 1939 and 1941 many fighter pilots who would later become highly-decorated aces flew their first combat sorties as members of the Gruppe, men like Harder, Marseille, Brandt and Mertens. Others, like Ihlefeld and Geißhardt, earned the Knight’s Cross with Oak Leaves or Knight's Cross while serving with the unit. I. (j)/LG 2, which is usually referred to simply as I./LG 2 in ofßcial documents, was also the Jagdgruppe which flew the Bf 109 E as a combat aircraft longer than any other and which also scored the rnost victories with this suhtype. Hptm. Ihlefeld, the unit’s Kommandeur, was the Luftwaffe’s most successful fighter pilot on the Emil. The unusual emblems and Camouflage schemes worn by the aircraft of I. (J)/LG 2 make it one of the Luftwaffe’s most colorfulfighter units.

Bad Zwischenahn, December 2018
Axel Urbanke

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